Legal Suites

Many areas of Greater Victoria permit Secondary Accommodation ‘suites’ on Single Family Detached lots. These are usually basement suites or suites above garages, but in some cases separate detached buildings are allowed. The dwelling unit may be for the purpose of rental income, live-in caregivers, or in-law extended family accommodation. In order for a Secondary Suite to be Legal, it must conform to current British Columbia Building Code (BCBC) requirements, as well as being registered with the municipality.

The creation of a new Legal Suite, or legalizing an existing ìllegal suite, is a complex process requiring expert knowledge and specific experience of municipal bylaws and Building Codes.  Sequoia Pacific Fine Homes have successfully created new legal suites and legalized existing suites in various CRD municipalities.

If you are considering creating a Legal suite within your home, either within the existing space or building an addition, or making an existing suite legal, call us!  We will be happy to assist in the design stage and develop a budget for the project.

Designing a new Secondary Suite within an existing building is usually challenging due to limited space, ceiling heights, fire separations and exits, water and sewer services, electrical supply capacity, parking and street access, privacy and noise separation, among other factors.  We will navigate through these challenges and if a suite is feasible, tell you how much it will cost. We take care of plans and all permits for you, and make the proposed suite a reality.